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Crossover Event About Netflix Originals “Cursed” Starts in Black Desert

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Pearl Abyss has launched a crossover event on Black Desert featuring Cursed, one of the popular streaming service Netflix’s recently released original productions. This content, which will be published on all platforms, includes a Cursed themed quest series.

Content related to Cursed will be added to Xbox and PlayStation 4 on August 5th.

Adventurers playing Black Desert on mobile devices have the chance to start exciting quests today!

The new missions added to the game feature a number of characters and focus on the story of Nimue and the fearsome Crimson Paladins, who are mysteriously transported to the world of Black Desert. In their missions, players try to defend Nimue against the threat of the Crimson Paladins and help her return to her world.

Adventurers who successfully complete the quests will also be able to obtain icons that they can exchange for in-game items.

For detailed information about the crossover event, the latest news and events, you can visit the different platforms specific sites below.

  •  Black Desert Online official website
  • Black Desert Console official website
  • Black Desert Mobile official website

For more information about the Netflix series Cursed, please visit the Netflix official website.

About Cursed

Cursed is an adaptation of the book of the same name and tells the legend of King Arthur through the eyes of Nimue, a young hero with mysterious powers who is destined to become the Queen of the Lake with a powerful and tragic story. After her mother’s death, Nimue sets out in search of Merlin to deliver the Power Sword. An unexpected friend to him on this journey; Accompanies Arthur, a young mercenary. Along the way with Arthur, Nimue embarks on unexpected adventures, becoming a symbol of courage and rebellion against the fearsome Crimson Paladins and their accomplice, King Uther.

Based on the book by comic book legend Frank Miller and screenwriter Thomas Wheeler, the series stars Katherine Langford (Thirteen Reasons Why), Devon Terrell (Barry) and Gustaf Skarsgård (Vikings).