Game News · August 20, 2021 0

COD: Modern Warfare’s Storage Exceeds 200GB on PC

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Normally, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare used 197 GB HDD capacity with Warzone. Although the number seems very high, it remains small according to the latest news. According to users on Reddit, the size of the game has exceeded 200GB on PC after the last update marked 11.23.0, which temporarily increased the number of players taking part in battle royale matches. The file size of the game has reached exactly 235 GB.

On consoles things look a little better. For example, on PlayStation 4 it takes up 172 GB of space.

So what makes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone take up such a monstrous amount of hard drive space? Players think it may be because the developers left certain data uncompressed so that the game wouldn’t cause major problems on weak computers.

Back in May, we were seeing problems with the regularly growing size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We saw then that it was very likely to break the 200GB barrier, and we were not mistaken. Many gamers complain about this, especially those who don’t have very large hard drives, be it HDD or SSD. The size of the game will not end like this. According to recent reports, the Verdansk map with Warzone will see changes soon. There will be a football stadium and a train full of valuable equipment to acquire. The new content will refer to times of the Cold War. We predict that the next game of the Call of Duty series will take place in this period.