Game News · August 16, 2021 0

Canceled Lord of the Rings Game Revealed

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Jon Burton posted a video explaining the situation to his YouTube channel GameHut, presenting the game to Peter Jackson and later to director Guillermo Del Toro, and included footage from tech demos used in the video game.

Instead of the LEGO Games the studio is known for, the team made this mystery game on Xbox 360 hardware with photorealistic recreations of key scenes from the Lord of the Rings movies. It includes Gandalf fighting the Balrog, Arogorn’s battle with Uruk-Hai at Amon Hen, and even his escape from the Black Riders while incognito with Frodo in the Deephallow Woods. Some screenshots for those who want to watch the video:

The footage is seriously impressive, but according to Burton, a team meeting in New Zealand said that the project had gone too far and spent a lot of money.

Warner Bros. He decided he wanted a game that wasn’t directly based on the movie, but had a different story in the same universe. However, with Burton’s objection to this situation, the game never saw the light of day. It’s a real loss that this game, which is more than ten years old, is not evaluated.