Game News · August 23, 2021 0

Blizzard to Reduce World of Warcraft’s Servers

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced that it wants to shut down the underpopulated servers of the popular MMO game World of Warcraft. By combining populations, the next expansion will focus on increasing the number of players on servers before the launch of Shadowlands. This will ensure that users have no trouble finding a team for group events. Here is Blizzard’s statement on the matter:

“World of Warcraft is the best game when you have a community of other players around you, and over the years it has added countless ways to join the game. From your history with your guild to your interactions with the economy around you, a server with a healthy population provides more opportunities. Some servers It has been several years since we opened.”

Changes will be made during scheduled technical maintenance. However, players will not lose access to Azeroth for long. Decisions on which servers to shut down will be made after an in-depth analysis of their populations. The official forums of each server will also be merged. The continuation of the statement is as follows:

“As this project progresses, we will post notifications before each week’s connections in the appropriate servers and languages. During each maintenance period, everything will be automatically merged for the affected servers. Once the maintenance is complete, players on the affected servers will be able to log in. We will also merge the appropriate region discussion forums.”

Shadowlands, World of Warcraft’s eighth expansion, will be available for the first time this holiday season (exact release date unknown).