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Black Mesa Cheats

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In this article, we will share the cheats of Black Mesa, which took 8 years to develop and was released in 2012. Black Mesa, which was criticized by many players when it was first released, later became a perfect game with the updates and expansion packs released by Valve.

We wanted to share with you the tricks of Black Mesa, which continues to be played with pleasure by many players today.

Black Mesa Cheats

Go to the options menu and check the developer console option, then press the ‘~’ (tilde) key and go to the development console to access cheat mode SV_Cheats 1

Type . Then you can enter the codes that we can give below.


god – God mode

sv_gravity – Adjusts gravity

notarget – Opponents are blocked from seeing you

noclip – you can fly

impulse 101 – You can get any weapon

You can also craft NPCs and NPC weapons. Type npc_greate in the cheat console followed by a space and then enter the type of NPC you want to create. The codes for the available options are listed below.


npc_human_scientist –Human scientist

npc_sniper –Sniper

npc_sentry_ground –land guard

noc_houndeye –Houndeye

npc_lav –lava

npc_osprey –Osprey

npc_alien_grunt –Alien

npc_human_medic –The human doctor

npc_human_commander –Human commander

You can also enter the type of weapon you want in the development console by leaving a space after npc_create_equipment. The codes and related explanations you can use are listed below.


weapon_mp5 –MP5

weapon_9mm –9mm

weapon_shotgun –Shotgun

weapon_crossbow –Spring

weapon_grenade –Grenade

weapon_crowbar –crowbar