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Before Xbox Series X Launch, Gears 5 Refreshes Content Acquisition System

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“The developers of Gears 5 have made a big change to how you unlock new content in the game, and this update will be released just a few months before it becomes playable on Xbox Seried X.

Thanks to the new Operation 4 update, new details on how to unlock Gears 5 “All-new” new content have arrived, and a new blog post has been published on the subject. The studio acknowledged that the previous system of so-called “scrap” and “procurement” was too complex and in some cases did not allow you to actually get the content you wanted.

These two items have been removed from Gears 5 for a smoother system, along with the Totem system where you unlock new characters.

The Coalition states, “Characters will now unlock any character skin associated with that character, so you can immediately see if you’ve gotten a Dom skin by playing the Tour or the “base” version via the shop.

The team also introduced a new in-game currency called Gears Coins to the game. These tokens are unlocked through gameplay and can be “spent on almost any item” in the store. Meanwhile, PvE players can use Coins to upgrade their skill cards. However, items such as Esports packs cannot be unlocked through Gears Coins.

Gears Coins can only be obtained through in-game achievements, not real money. The team said that the fastest and simplest way to unlock more coins is by going through the Mission Tour, Gears 5’s progression system.

Players who reach the highest level in Tour of Duty will receive a new ‘Legends’ rank. If you are successful enough to reach this status, you can continue to unlock Gears Coins.

Finally, Gears 5 introduces a new store with a permanent collection of materials. New content will come to the store every week, and first, new items can only be made by spending Iron, another currency that can be earned through gameplay.

In the coming days, Gears 5 will be updated to support Xbox Series X. The game will look better and run faster on next-gen console with mouse speeds of up to 120fps.