Game Development · September 1, 2021 0

Awakening Update in Black Desert Mobile!

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Adventurers in the Black Desert Mobile universe can now prove their strength in different ways. With the new Awakening Update, Adventurers will strengthen their classes even more, leaving their rivals behind!

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new “Awakening” skill system is coming to Black Desert Mobile. Experienced Adventurers will now be able to unlock a new set of skills and weapons to give their characters even more power.

All classes except Striker can now be awakened in such a way that Adventurers experience an entirely new combat style on the battlefield. New weapons and skills will further increase your characters’ maximum HP and CP. Lv. Adventurers who are 56 and above and complete the special quest they received from the Black Spirit will be able to experience this new system.

Stronger Adventurers with New Accessories

In addition, Adventurers will now be able to further strengthen their accessories in Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers with more powerful accessories will also be able to use the Awakened Enchantment system to gain more AP and XP.

Finally, Adventurers will be able to use the Mega Growth Boost to quickly upgrade their characters. With this feature, they will be able to get more EXP points and higher item drop rate for their lower level characters.

For more information, you can visit Black Desert Mobile official website.