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Attendance Record Breaks at Call of Duty League Event

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The Call of Duty League event last weekend was very successful in terms of viewership. Activision announced that the New York Subliners Home Series reached the highest viewership for the entire season for YouTube, with approximately 115,000 viewers.

This number does not include viewer numbers from other view sources, so the total view count is likely much higher. Whatever the case, 115,000 people managed to beat the previous record of 113,000 viewers from the Atlanta Home Series.

The Call of Duty League will kick off this weekend with the London Royal Ravens Home Series, which will air on Youtube over the weekend of 17-19 July. The Toronto Home series, the final series of the regular season, will take place on July 24-26.

After that, the season will start on August 19, 2020 and will run until August 23 until the four teams leave. The last four teams will compete in the League Championship event that will take place in August.

This year’s playoffs have a prize pool of $4.6 million, which will be distributed as follows.

  • League Champion – $1.5 million
  • Runner-up-$900,000
  • 3. row – 600,000 dollars
  • 4. row – $450,000
  • 5. row – $300,000 (2 teams)
  • 7. row – $175,000 (2 teams)
  • 9. row – $100,000 (2 teams)