Game News · September 5, 2021 0

Amazon’s MMORPG Release Date Delayed

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If you’ve been waiting for the release of the new MMORPG New World from Amazon Game Studios, we have bad news for you. In April this year, the game’s release date was delayed to August 25, 2020, and closed beta tests would begin in July. Today, the developers announced that the game will be released officially and in final beta much later. No specific date has been given for now. It was mentioned that it could only be released in the spring of next year. As compensation, players who sign up for the beta program and pre-order New World will receive limited access to the game on August 25. The entire official statement on the subject was published on the Twitter page and on the official site. It was said that the main reason for the delay was that they wanted to improve the game a bit more.