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All About New LoL Champion Yone’s Talents and Release Date

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Earlier this year, Riot promised two new champions at its big summer event. It has been officially revealed that one of them is the forester Lillia who collects dreams. The other champion Riot confirmed was Yone, who is described as a “masked alien who refuses to die.”

There is not much information that Yasuo has officially revealed his resurrected brother. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have any information. Here’s what we know about the abilities of the new 150th LoL champion, and more.

The Masked Stranger Yone

Unlike Lillia, who is relatively mysterious in the league, we know quite a bit about Yone. The dead warrior was killed by his brother in one of the League’s most iconic duels.

Riot said the champion, known as the “masked alien”, will remind players that “some demons must remain in our past.” Considering that Yasuo killed his older brother, it makes sense that Yone would return for revenge.


While Yone’s abilities haven’t been revealed yet, considering that Lillia’s abilities were revealed yesterday, the masked stranger’s abilities may soon be revealed as well.

Yone came to Summoner’s Rift to find his younger brother Yasuo. Riot described him as an “aggressive solo close fighter” in the early stages of production. So does this sound familiar to you?

The dead Ionian warrior appeared as a Legends of Runeterra card, one of Riot’s other games. The card uses the ability to “stun” like Yasuo’s main function. He also has more elemental strength than his sibling who lives in the card collecting game in question. Yasuo is a 5/5 champion, while Yone is 6/6.

It’s unlikely that Riot will give Yone the same moves as Yasuo on wind whirlwinds and the ability to knock down opponents. Still, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see similar moves among Yone’s abilities when it is officially announced.

Release Date

Riot has told players that the next two League champions will be revealed at the upcoming big summer event. This means that Yone will be released alongside Lillia during the Patch 10.15 cycle starting July 22.

According to the new PBE update, Lillia will start appearing in-game on July 22. A new bounty item marked “Lillia’s Haiku” marks this date specifically as the start of the champion’s trailers.

Yone’s Skins and Pictures

There are also a few leaks showing what Yone’s first release skin will look like. We hope to see the fallen warrior among the “Soul Flower” skins that will be released in the next patch.

The character’s base skin was reportedly leaked on Twitter by League data miner ‘JumaraloHexCore’. The painting shows Yone as a spirit-like demon with two long swords and dark, flaming wings.

That’s all we know about Yone, the new 150th League of Legends champion. We’ll have to wait a bit until we see him in action and learn about his abilities.