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All About New LoL Champion Lillia’s Talents and Release Date

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Earlier this year, Riot promised the two major champions would be released at the big summer event, and gave a few hints about the characters. One of them was a dreamy jungler with the power to put opponents to sleep on a whim.

New leaks have revealed that the upcoming jungler’s name is Lillia and it could be out as soon as Patch 10.14 arrives. Here’s everything we know about the 149th champion to arrive in the League, from his skills, release date, and more.

No official announcement has been made about the new jungle champion, but Lillia was featured in Riot’s short trailer in which she talked about the latest 2020 roadmap.

On his June developer blog, chief champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles explained that Lillia is “pretty shy” and is easily startled. He also described him as a character who can “get in and out of battle quickly”.

There was also a few mysterious pieces of information on the PBE that gave us an idea of ​​what Lillia’s background might be. Both pieces of information reveal that Lillia may have had a revenge story during her debut.

Lillia’s Appearance

Lillia’s in-game picture was revealed thanks to leaked game files on July 3 that provided an early look at the champion.

The picture of the new jungler appears to match the description Riot initially offered, but it depicts the champion with deer-like features not seen in other champions. Lillia will likely be equipped with a staff she will use in-game. Many League fans think it will resemble Neeko, the forest spirit with the blue/purple hairstyle.

Lillia’s Abilities

Riot hasn’t released any of Lillia’s abilities yet, but the up-and-coming jungler may have similar mechanics to the mid laner mage Zoe, which was released in 2017.

Zoe’s ability, the Wicked Sleep Bubble, first numbs the target, then puts them to sleep. The initial damage that interrupts sleep is doubled up to a certain limit. It is thought that Lillia may have a similar ability.

Finally, it has been confirmed that Lillia will be a “mid-range fighter.” This means that he can have several close range abilities as well as his sleeping abilities.

Lillia’s Release Date

Riot has already told players to look forward to the next two League champions at the upcoming big summer event.

However, according to the new PBE update, we may reach the new jungler sooner than expected. Earlier this week, a new loot item marked “Lillia’s Haiku” was found in the PBE testing area.

Its description says “You discovered Lillia in the jungle” and it will open on July 22. We have seen a similar application in Sett’s item, which was released last year.

That’s all you need to know about League of Legends’ new jungler. We’ll have to wait a bit until we see him in action and learn about his abilities.