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AdBlock Not Working on Twitch – 7 Easy and Quick Fixes

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There are many reasons why AdBlock might not work on Twitch. Twitch offers great content, but sometimes that content is ruined by annoying ads.

While these ads exist to help Twitch generate revenue, they often get in the way of uninterrupted streams.

So, if your AdBlock stops working on Twitch, this guide will show you how to fix it or suggest a workaround.

Possible Reasons for Twitch AdBlock Not Working

Old AdBlock version

The most common cause is usually due to an outdated AdBlock version. The standout features in most updates are the new interfaces; however, many updates are equipped to fix bugs and are optimized to meet the latest industry technology standard. As such, an old AdBlocker lacks new features to combat the ever-evolving ad industry.

Incorrect AdBlock settings

Misconfigured AdBlock settings may be responsible for this situation.

Incorrect Chrome settings

If Chrome is not properly configured to work with AdBlock, you are likely to have problems.

Extensions conflict

If AdBlock conflicts with another extension in your browser, this can stop AdBlock from working and cause Twitch ads to leak through the AdBlock extension shield.

Ads in Streams

It is quite difficult to block the ads that Twitch adds to the broadcasts. Despite trying AdBlock, it may sometimes fail; however, there is a workaround.

AdBlock Not Working on Twitch

for Easy Fixes

1. Update AdBlock

As we unearthed, an outdated AdBlock extension could be responsible for the problem. Usually, extensions in most browsers are automatically updated; however, there must have been a glitch. Follow the steps below to check if you are using an old AdBlock extension.

  • Start your Chrome browser and go to the address bar. chrome://extensions paste, then Press Enter . As an alternaive, To the menu (top right corner) and then Other Tools To Extensions

    You can access the extensions page by clicking .

  • Toggle Developers Mode in the upper right corner.
  • Finally, in the upper left corner Update

    Click the button.

  • Restart your browser, access Twitch and check if the issue persists.

2. Switch Browsers

Most of the time, the error may be specific to your browser. A simple fix would be to replace it. If AdBlock works in the new browser, the problem is with the old browser.

3. Configure AdBlock settings for Twitch

Usually AdBlock extensions start working when they are dropped and block as many ads as possible; but most have a separate setting to reduce ads on Twitch; this setting is rarely enabled by default.

  • Start your browser and click AdBlock

    Click on the extension icon.

  • popup From the AdBlock window, usually a gear

    indicated by the icon Settings

    Click the menu.

  • In AdBlock settings, from the left pane General

    Click , then uncheck the box next to Allow Acceptable Ads.

  • Restart your browser and check if the problem persists.

4. Change Chrome advanced settings

Incorrect Chrome settings can affect your AdBlock extension. For example, the network service in Chrome runs a different action that the AdBlock extension cannot reach; To make this action available for your ad-blocking extension, follow the steps below.

  • Start your Chrome browser and go to the address bar. chrome://flags copy and paste, then Press Enter .
  • Network Service from the search box there


  • Run network service in process and Data reduction proxy with network service and then disable both drop.
  • Save the changes, then restart the browser and check if the issue is resolved. If so, always configure these settings after every Chrome update.

5. Check for extension conflicts

Many users believe it would be advantageous to have multiple ad-blocking extensions on your browser; however, this results in a backlash.

Many ads that block extensions in a browser cause conflicts and suck up a lot of resources without giving the desired results.

  • Top right Chrome menu open and then Extensions next to Other Tools to go to your extensions page.
  • Review your extensions there and disable any ad blocking extensions except AdBlock.
  • Restart your browser when you’re done, open Twitch and check if the issue persists.

6. Filter Twitch ads in AdBlock

Another way to solve AdBlock not working on Twitch is to completely filter or blacklist Twitch ads in AdBlock. With the filter feature, you can blacklist or whitelist certain lists.

  • Start Chrome and click on the top right AdBlock

    Click on the extension icon.

  • From the gear icon AdBlock settings open it.
  • In the left pane or Advanced Customize

    Select option.

  • Manually edit your filters Edit

    Click the button.

  • Copy and paste the following list into the text field provided. Paste the list one after another and after each entry Press Add .

www. twitch. TV##. player-ad-overlay. player-overlay www. twitch. TV##. js-player-ad-overlay. player-ad-overlay

https://imasdk. googleapis. com/js/sdkloader/ima3. js

https://imasdk. googleapis. com/js/sdkloader/ima3. js

7. An Alternative Twitch. Try TV Player

Formerly known as Twitch 5 Alternate Player for Twitch. TV is an extension equipped to reduce the number of ads available on Twitch in case AdBlock is not working.

It removes most streams from Twitch and you can adjust it to be compatible with your web connection. It also allows you to view your Twitch stream in VLC Media Player, MX Player or any other video Player.


S. How do I block ads on Twitch?

AdBlock, AdGuard, uMatrix etc. You can block ads on Twitch using ad blocking extensions. Also Twitch. You can use Alternate Player for tv or get a Streamlink Twitch GUI. Better still, you can subscribe to Twitch Turbo and get rid of the need for ad blocking with AdBlock!

S. Does AdBlock still work on Twitch?

Yes it is. However, even though it is set to run immediately after installations, you may need to configure a few settings in the extension or completely blacklist Twitch ad triggers through the extension’s advanced settings.