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Acer ConceptD Series Wins Two Red Dot Awards for Brand and Communications

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Acer’s ConceptD series for designers and content creators has won two 2020 Red Dot awards in the brand and communication design categories. While the worldwide marketing campaign “Reveal Your Creativity” for the ConceptD series won the admiration of the jury in the “Digital Campaign” category, the environmentally friendly packaging of the products in the series won an award in the “Sustainable Packaging Design” category. The awards given by the international jury of 24 experts in quality and creativity were given to the products selected from among 6992 applications.

ConceptD “Unleash Your Creativity” Campaign

“Unleash Your Creativity” is a global digital campaign focused on designers and creators. In line with the brand’s slogan of “Give Creativity an Opportunity”, Acer reached out to award-winning artists, designers and studios, offering the opportunity to work together to realize their “dream projects” that they always wanted to do but could not find the necessary opportunities to do. Designers and artists were given ConceptD computers, the ideal companion for content production and design.

The campaign consists of videos showing unique works by each artist or studio. The design process is revealed layer by layer in the videos that show how the projects are finalized. In the behind-the-scenes sections, each designer explains the preparation process and the role played by technology, especially powerful computer hardware.

You can watch the videos on the landing page of the “Unleash Your Creativity” campaign here. You can check out the case study of the campaign here.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Design of ConceptD Laptops

Acer believes companies are in a unique position to make positive changes in the communities in which they operate. The ConceptD series aims to completely redefine the computing experience and move the industry forward. This determination to deliver innovations led to the development of environmentally friendly packaging that won the Red Dot award.

ConceptD laptop packaging design strikes a great balance between size and protection. Most components are protected by the same packaging, which reduces waste. LDPE foam packaging has been removed without compromising the level of protection. Plastic bags and film wraps have also been abandoned as much as possible. In addition, soy ink was used to prevent pollution in the packaging recycling process. Almost no plastic is used in all packaging. Packaging made of 90 percent recycled material can be fully recycled afterwards.

You can visit this address to take a brief tour of the eco-friendly packaging of the ConceptD series.

Red Dot Awards

The Red Dot design awards, which are accepted all over the world, aim to congratulate innovative companies and to highlight those who create the trends of the future. The Brand and Communication Design Award honors the best brands and creative works of the year. These prestigious awards, which brands from 36 different industries compete for, are handed out by a jury composed of experts from all over the world.