Game News · September 3, 2021 0

A New Weapon Skin Set Is Coming to Valorant

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Developer Riot Games has unveiled a new set of dragon-themed skins for its shooter tactical game Valorant. The skin set, named Elderflame, will be available on the game store on July 10. However, this set can be expensive for many players.

Elderflame is Valorant’s first “Ultra Edition” set, transforming several weapons into fire-breathing dragons. Includes weapon skins that look like snipers, automatic rifles, automatic pistols, and shotguns. You can watch the trailer of the Elderflame skin set below.

With the Elderflame, the guns shoot fire, cute screeching sounds from the bullets during reloads and using their black, scaly wings to shape the sights.

Previous Valorant skin packs allow you to purchase any skin you want with Valorant Points and stay in your account permanently. However, these coatings won’t be cheap.

The Elderflame series will be released shortly after Valorant’s final patch, which includes a new set of skins for the game. We will share with you the developments on the subject, which are also embedded in the patch notes.