Game News · September 7, 2021 0

A New Character And Map Coming To Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Season 5 saw developer Respawn attempt to tell the game’s ongoing story in a new way. Season 5’s final single-player mission is currently active and available to anyone who collects 45 Treasure Packs throughout the season. The most interesting part is that the result shows a new character named Ash and a new map in Season 6.

During a mission that unlocks after the final mission is complete, you’ll enter a vault and see the following character, believed to be Ash, a simulacrom pilot and antagonist from Titanfall 2. It was first featured in Apex Legends during the Season 4 cinematic teaser trailer. You will see that he has no head.

In addition, players are subjected to a dialogue between Lifeline and Octane, which you can read below. “If we go to Olympus,” Lifeline says towards the end. This detail brought to mind a map that may appear in the coming seasons.

All of these remain simple tips for now, but Season 6 will be released pretty soon. There are only a few challenges left from Season 5 and no more missions. We can begin to see more clearly what will happen soon.