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30 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gameplay Leaked

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While footage and videos of games in the Assassin’s Creed franchise have leaked over the years, Valhalla may have been hit with the biggest leak in series history. A 30-minute gameplay video was shared online months before its release.

Thanks to the new gameplay, we can get a new look at how the large-scale combat will unfold, dive deep into the many RPG systems and the combat of the game.

If you are worried about spoilers and want to experience the whole experience for yourself, we do not recommend watching the leaked video.

The leaked video begins in the open world of Valhalla, with hero Eivor making his way through a main story mission. The focus of the 30-minute video featuring the first mission is to capture an enemy stronghold by the allies.

Approaching the water, the wide assault takes the player through the gates, battling dozens of enemies, and finally having a boss fight. After knocking out the main opponent in battle, the game then presents a decision whether to keep him alive or be finished off.

Battle Details

Large game frames are seen throughout this 30-minute mission. The combat system looks pretty close to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Enemies take a large amount of damage compared to previous entries in the series. Players must rely on archery skills, time-slowing powers, and a wide variety of melee abilities to gain the upper hand.

The number of characters on the screen is also very important during large-scale conflict. Multiple groups of allied forces clash with enemy defenses as the player can choose their battles.

After completing the mission, the leaked video shows Valhalla’s more complex RPG systems. When you hover over the map, the “recommended strength” level appears in each locale. This means your character level and gear stats will be vital in tackling new areas.

Skill System

Skill systems are also showcased in the video, with players having the freedom to fine-tune their experience over time. Each skill tree appears to be represented by a unique animal. The leaked video shows Wolf power, Bear power, Raven power and more.

The game has eight item slots in its inventory. Each allows you to customize and upgrade your weapon and armor variants. Similar to previous games, changing these items or raising their stats will increase your overall power level.

It also appears to have four types of upgrade materials, along with a quiver and food selection.

Although Ubisoft is targeting the 4th quarter of 2020 for the game’s release, no release date has been set for Valhalla.

It’s impossible to say exactly where this video came from, but there could be more leaks soon. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers at all costs, stay away from the video and be careful.